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#4 Whatta Man – Salt n’ Pepa feat. En Vogue (1993′s Shotgun Wedding TOP TEN Countdown)

“You SO CRAZY….”

If 1993 seemed like it was all about the ladies, well… it probably was, as far as music goes anyway. At our high school, it was all about guys singing to girls, guys asking girls out, guys asking girls to the prom — whatever. That’s a lot of pressure! If you want to know where adult gender role expectations originated, it was probably high school.

You SO CRAZY.... ____(fill in the blank)_____!!!

At least Salt ‘n’ Pepa thought of the GUYS for just a second when they did ‘Whatta Man’. Continue reading

Playlist: Bad Remakes of 90s r&b

WHAT THE HELL!?! (mildly NSFW)

I already talked about the best 90s r&b remakes of other songs *EVER* in my last post.  I think I’ve proven that no one did a remake better than the 90s r&b era — therefore, its ironic to note that remakes *of* 90s r&b songs are generally ill-advised, disrespectful and generally just not as good as the original.

But first — an UPDATE!

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Remember When: Jordan Pours In 64 pts over a Rookie Shaq

I’ll explain the clip in a second.  But first — the update:

Tomorrow at an undisclosed location (ok FINE, it’s Kapisanan) we’ll be doing a reading of Shotgun Wedding.  And, you’re NOT invited.

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#8 – Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty By Nature (Shotgun Wedding’s 1993 TOP TEN Countdown)

You didn’t think this Top Ten list was only going to be slow jams and r&b, did you?

In 1993, things were changing. At least at my high school. Up to that point, if you were Filipino — you were a houser.

Houser: hair shaved on the sides, long and slicked back or spiked on the top, possibly dyed blonde with sun-in. Hoop earrings – both ears. Cigarette in the ear. BIG-ass belt buckle. “Bellbottom” pants and no, not in a hippie way — but in a houser way, big enough to cover the shoes and the more cuffs, the better. A strut. A smirk. A Dayrunner. (Yes, intimidating AND well-organized!)

But like I say, things were changing. Continue reading