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Shotgun Wedding: Tips on Scoring a Ticket (and what to do while waiting)

(l-r) Belinda Corpuz, Jeff Yung and Tony Ofori take a bow -- old school style. (photo by Ramon Regozo)

This entire run has been magically SOLD OUT.

Because tonight and tomorrow night are the LAST TWO SHOWS and advanced tickets are already gone and you’ve got to get there as early as you can to RUSH — I thought I’d give you some tips on making sure you get to see ‘Shotgun Wedding: The Musical’.  Don’t leave it to chance.

Here are a few tips to get in for sure:

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Director, Catherine Hernandez.

Catherine Hernandez (centre) in 'Future Folk'

By now you already know that the Director of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is Catherine Hernandez (Toronto-based Theatre Creator, Artistic Director of SULONG THEATRE COMPANY, Storyteller).  Rather than use this space to extoll the layers of her resume, I’m going to get personal.   Continue reading

Filipino Hairstyles of the 90s – The Guy Version

For Shotgun Wedding: The Musical, we’re not just going all-out with the music and the costumes — we’re going all the way with THE HAIR. Oh, the hair.

Which Shotgun Wedding castmember is getting his hair cut like a YUT?

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#5 Follow Me – Aly-Us (Shotgun Wedding’s 1993 TOP TEN Countdown)

(SCROLL DOWN for Showtimes and Ticket Info!)

I’m hoping… to see a day.

Don’t lie. You KNOW the moves to this one. Even if you want to act like you don’t, your feet give you away. This is part of your heritage and this blood is coarsing through your veins. Try as you may — you end up doing THE ELECTRIC SLIDE when the DJ plays ‘Follow Me’ by Aly-Us.

You could be at a 18th birthday Debut, a semi-formal, a prom or a (shotgun) wedding but regardless the venue, the moves are the same. Four steps to the right, four steps to the left, four steps back and then rock back two times and dip two times… aaaaand repeat. Throw in some spins and a few floor kicks and you’re looking MINT. In 1993, if you didn’t know The Electric Slide you probably didn’t get invited to the party.

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Director’s Blog #1: Why Len Chose Me

Hi folks!

If you didn’t know, the Director of Shotgun Wedding: The Musical is Catherine Hernandez.  I’m still finding the special words to tell you about Catherine from *MY* point of view but in the meantime, she’s taken a few moments out of her super-busy schedule to write *YOU* a note.  

- Len

Director Catherine is the pretty lady wearing violet down in the far right!

by Catherine Hernandez – Director, Shotgun Wedding

There are reasons why Len chose me to be the director for Shotgun Wedding: The Musical.  The main reason is because I am old. Continue reading

Shotgun Wedding: What’s the 411?

In honour of Mary J.’s cut featuring Grand Puba, honey! The 411 on “Shotgun Wedding!” Scroll down! But first, a message from the playwright (me).
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Audition Notice! Shotgun Wedding needs YOU!

Shotgun Wedding needs to fill out the entourage!


Looking for 3 males to fill roles in Leonard Cervantes’ Theatre Musical “Shotgun Wedding”. While the roles call for Filipino males aged 15-20, we welcome men of any ethnicity to audition.   (and you don’t actually have to *BE* 15-20 yrs old!)

About the play:

An unexpected pregnancy threatens a Filipina debutante’s dream of the perfect 18th birthday. It was supposed to be Toni Braxton on repeat, 18 roses and crinoline. But instead, it’s a game of hide the baby-daddy and morning sickness in between. Set to the tune of original songs by Kierscey Rand plus a few 90s classics, Len Cervantes’ site-specific Shotgun Wedding uncovers the craziness behind Filipino tradition — while audience members get to experience a real Debutante Ball.

The play will be produced at the Fringe Festival this summer. All actors must be committed to a rehearsal schedule that consists of Mondays 11am-4pm starting April 11th leading up to production, with additional Wed day and tech rehearsal times leading up to the run.

Actors must:
Commit to the rehearsal schedule

Auditions are on Wed Mar 30th in 15 min slots starting 9:30am-12:30pm. Please e-mail the director, Catherine Hernandez at [email protected] to book an audition time.

Actors will be asked to perform 1-2 pop ballads from the 90s that show off their range PLUS do a cold read of portions of the script.

Most Memorable GTA Debut Venue?

OK, just so you think this blog isn’t ALL about 90s memories. It is, after all, a blog about ‘Shotgun Wedding: The Musical’. I’m also supposed to by updating you on progress.

Today was a major step. We booked our venue for the 2011 Fringe Festival. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ will have its very first extended run this summer, July 6 to 17 to be exact. So you will all have a chance to see it. 11 shows worth. Call your babysitters now.

Where is it taking place, might you ask? Here.

... yeah. you KNOW you want to do the Electric Slide on this floor.

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