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Where Are They Now? Monika Deol

Remember when Electric Circus was not on MuchMusic yet?  It was on CITY TV at 330pm on Saturday afternoons!  This is before MuchMusic took what was once a viable source for underground dance, hip-hop, house and r&b and made it in a corny 905er teeny-bopper pop show.

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Playlist: Bad Remakes of 90s r&b

WHAT THE HELL!?! (mildly NSFW)

I already talked about the best 90s r&b remakes of other songs *EVER* in my last post.  I think I’ve proven that no one did a remake better than the 90s r&b era — therefore, its ironic to note that remakes *of* 90s r&b songs are generally ill-advised, disrespectful and generally just not as good as the original.

But first — an UPDATE!

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U Will Know, Shotgun Reading, Kierscey Rand

Saturday March 12 was a *GREAT* day for Shotgun Wedding.

I got to hear the play for the first time since last summer. I’ve been plugging away ever since then, keeping true to my self-promise to never let this story go until I’ve told it.  The winter has been cold and lonely, so I was *very* excited to see Edsel, Veronica, Kate, Jerome, John Paul and Noel again.  Unfortunately for Ferben, it looks like he might get written out of the script.  We’ll have to see.

In any case, this was also the first time that we got to hear the original music for the play, which is all being done by a young and talented musician, Kierscey Rand.  Kierscey came to me via Nadine Villasin of Carlos Bulosan Theatre after I expressed the need to work with a musician for this play.  What I didn’t know was the Kierscey and I had met before… Continue reading