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Shotgun Wedding: The Transformation

I really gotta give it up to the cast for being good sports.

Yo, T-Boz ! Is ya being a boss, Chilli what's up wit' dat sauce?

Going back to the world of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ — the early 1990s — is no easy commitment.  It means donning very unique clothing, having very interesting hairstyles and going very aggressive with the lipstick shade.  And I’m being polite with the description.   Continue reading

Shotgun Wedding’s Original Music by Kierscey Rand

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By now you already know that Shotgun Wedding is a Musical and that features many of your favourite songs from the 90s. You may not know that Shotgun Wedding: The Musical features original music also. That music is by Kierscey Rand. And its about time you met him.
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Shotgun Playlist: Top 5 90s r&b Remakes

Wasn’t 90s r&b the best time for remakes?  Usually when a remake of a song is done, we can all agree it’s probably a bad idea.  Not the case in the 90s, when most r&b song remakes were either as good or better than the original.

We even made a playlist to prove it!  But first…

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Most Memorable GTA Debut Venue?

OK, just so you think this blog isn’t ALL about 90s memories. It is, after all, a blog about ‘Shotgun Wedding: The Musical’. I’m also supposed to by updating you on progress.

Today was a major step. We booked our venue for the 2011 Fringe Festival. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ will have its very first extended run this summer, July 6 to 17 to be exact. So you will all have a chance to see it. 11 shows worth. Call your babysitters now.

Where is it taking place, might you ask? Here.

... yeah. you KNOW you want to do the Electric Slide on this floor.

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