Play History

(l-r): Nessa Trenton, Dean Vargas, Catherine Hernandez, Kaye Penaflor, Gene Abella, Myk Miranda, Kierscey Rand

‘Shotgun Wedding’ was developed during Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s play creation workshops with Marie-Beath Badian beginning in September 2008 and culminating in March 2009. The completed scenes were then mounted in March 2009 at Theatre Passe Murraille, September 2009 at the Revival and in May 2010 at Factory Theatre, all in Toronto with the benefit of a full cast, having received both valuable dramaturgy and direction from Catherine Hernandez (Factory) and direction from Nina Lee-Aquino (at Revival and TPM).

This piece has received additional development in Fu-Gen Theatre’s Playwright Kitchen and in dramaturgy sessions with Catherine Hernandez funded by the Toronto Arts Council Playwrights Fund. Most recently, excerpts of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ were read as part of Fu-Gen’s Kitchen Potluck and the completed First Draft in its entirety was performed for a one-night workshop/fundraiser for Carlos Bulosan Theatre in Toronto.

The end of 2010 brought the completion of original music from Toronto-based artist Kierscey Rand, partly in thanks to generous support from the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creator’s Reserve as well as a Theatre Projects Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

In 2011, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is headed for an extended run in the Toronto Fringe Festival, as part of the festival’s inaugural Site-Specific Art program.

For more information, flip an email to [email protected]

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