#2 **TIE** Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell/Saving Forever For You – Shanice (SHOTGUN WEDDING TOP 10 of ’93)

We’re getting really close to #1 in the Shotgun Wedding Top 10 Countdown! For now…

#2 is a TIE:

‘Can We Talk’ – Tevin Campbell
‘Saving Forever For You’ – Shanice

As teenagers in 1993, we might have wanted sex but what we wanted more was LOVE. We thought about it in class. We wrote about it in our private journals, wrote hints about it in yearbook messages and wrote to express it on 3-hole punched binder paper folded into cute origami and wedged between locker doors during 3rd period spare.

The truth is that in high school, being in love HURT. Heartache felt like the world falling down and breaking up seemed like the last thing you’d ever do. To want someone and not be able to show it was the worst thing ever and all you wanted to do was raise your voice and say “Can We Talk” and that I’m “Saving Forever For You”.

#2 on this list is a tie — one for the guys and one for the ladies. Both songs EXUDE how an average high schooler felt in 1993 and probably still feels today. Only difference is, in 1993 we were allowed to express it.

One the one hand, you’ve got Tevin Campbell — teenage heartthrob, Quincy Jones protege, Michael Jackson heir-apparent and guest-boyfriend of Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Songs like “I’m Ready”, “Tell Me What You Want Me to Do” and this one, “Can We Talk” hit HARD in the heart because Tevin Campbell was OUR AGE at the time. He was saying the things we wanted to say in the voice that we wanted to say it. No wonder these songs made it onto SO many mixtapes in the 90s.

Dylan and Brenda’s theme song?

And then you had Shanice. Star Search success-story, teen-soul princess way before Ashanti or even Brandy made it vogue… she was like an r&b Tootie. This song, “Saving Forever For You” appeared on that Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack that has way more street cred than the actual show. If there was a slow-dance song that a girl could dedicate to a guy… this was it. Ah, to be slow-dancing to this song at the age of 17? Sweet dreams and made of this. And so are memories.

In high school, being in love was the best feeling. “Ah, so this is what it feels like to be wanted”. Remember how it felt like to hear the words “I Love You” from someone? Even though it was written on a 4 month and 2 weeks anniversary card, a Candy-Gram or thinly disguised as a very subtle “1-4-3″?

Come to think of it, falling in love at any age still feels like high school. Lucky for us, as we’ve gotten older (hopefully) we’ve been able to hold on to those good feelings while getting better (even more hopefully) at dealing with the part of love that hurts.

We can’t go back to high school or 1993, it’s true (funny how it seems). But no matter what year it is, we don’t have to deny ourselves the squishy feeling of being in love like a teenager — no matter how old we are or how long we’ve been together. Being in love is timeless.


Quixotic Theatre & The Carlos Bulosan Theatre present

Written by Leonard Cervantes
Original Musical Compositions by Kierscey Rand

“A 90s mix tape musical, it`s Glee before Glee was Glee”

July 6th – 17th at 8:00PM
No show on Monday

Alexandra Park Community Centre
105 Grange Court Toronto

Directed by Catherine Hernandez
Featuring Belinda Corpuz, Richie Guzman, Tony Ofori, Arlene Paculan, Mickey Rodriguez & Jeff Yung,
Stagemanagement by Emma Mackenzie Hillier
Set & Costumes by Jodinand Aguillon
Produced by Renna Reddie


$10 Tickets
Tickets available at the Door starting at 7PM on performance nights

Advanced tickets available by calling
(416)966-1062 or http://www.fringetoronto.com
additional surcharges may apply
all ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges
No Latecomers. No Exceptions.

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