Filipino Hairstyles of the 90s – The Guy Version

For Shotgun Wedding: The Musical, we’re not just going all-out with the music and the costumes — we’re going all the way with THE HAIR. Oh, the hair.

Which Shotgun Wedding castmember is getting his hair cut like a YUT?

OK, guys. Who had the “shaved sides and back / hair slicked and flapped backwards” hair? Or even better (or worse) — who had the “whole shaved head but just a few locks in the front and slicked back” do? Extra points if those few locks were dyed blonde with this:

buying this stuff was always slightly embarrassing.

Man, what were we THINKING using this stuff? It’s SO BAD for the hair!

Asian Pride!!!

How many of you guys got your buddy to cut your hair in his Mom’s basement with a dirty pair of clippers?

How many of you had that same buddy fack dat shet up because “YOU MOVED” and then it turned into some weird design for at least a week? How many of you learned to really like baseball caps after that?

Looking back at those days, its hard to believe that some of us had haircuts THAT BAD. There are haircuts that harken back to different eras in time — the afro, the duck tail, the cameo… even the mullet. Sometimes, you can look back at old pictures and say “you know what? that was different for the era, but at that time it wasn’t so bad”.

Well, these haircuts are just BAD. So bad that I’m not willing to show you any photos of ME with that hair. In fact, I never HAD that hair. (yeah thats the ticket)

But these guys did:

Megan Fox’s boy-toy.

Pre-House of Pain Everlast.

These guys.


Quixotic Theatre & The Carlos Bulosan Theatre present

Written by Leonard Cervantes
Original Musical Compositions by Kierscey Rand

“A 90s mix tape musical, it`s Glee before Glee was Glee”

July 6th – 17th at 8:00PM
No show on Monday

Alexandra Park Community Centre
105 Grange Court Toronto

Directed by Catherine Hernandez
Featuring Belinda Corpuz, Richie Guzman, Tony Ofori, Arlene Paculan, Mickey Rodriguez & Jeff Yung,
Stagemanagement by Emma Mackenzie Hillier
Set & Costumes by Jodinand Aguillon
Produced by Renna Reddie

$10 Tickets
Tickets available at the Door starting at 7PM on performance nights

Advanced tickets available by calling
(416)966-1062 or
additional surcharges may apply
all ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges
No Latecomers. No Exceptions.

2 Responses to Filipino Hairstyles of the 90s – The Guy Version

  1. carlos celdran

    I WANT TO SEE THIS! But I’m leaving on July 1. Aaargh.

  2. Maybe you can drop by rehearsals!

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