Where Are They Now?: En Vogue

“I used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue”.
- Phife Dawg (from the song “Check the Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest.)

I was more of a Cindy guy myself. I remember when “Hold On” first came out. The song was great but the interlude – that was amazing. The one where they do the “Whehehehehe-en I (whennnn I)… hahahahaaad youuuu (haddddd yoouuuu)” from the old Jackson 5 song? Girls harmonizing at a time when it was all guy groups doing it on the radio? Sexay.

This group had SO many hits during the 90s. Free Your Mind. You Don’t Have to Worry.  Don’t Let Go. Give It Up Turn It Loose.  Givin Him Something He Can Feel made this teenage boy feel sort of funny.  Or this one:

Never Gonna Get It

I’ll go out on a limb and say that no girl group of the 90s was as good (and don’t EVEN say Spice Girls).  There were tons of copycat girl r&b groups in the 90s who did the harmony thing Xscape, BlackGirl, BrownStone, Jade —  Pinay even went by the name “Pinay Divas” before releasing their first album.  They were often imitated but NEVER duplicated.

Even Alicia Keys knows to give props.

Where are they now?

As of 2011, En Vogue are together and touring with all four original members intact. They’ve just signed to an independent label and are hard at work on their comeback album. I, for one — cannot wait.  If they ever go to Casino Rama, I’m going to have to buy tickets and find a way up to Rama hoping to see them at the buffet before the show.  Probably eating salad.  Look!

wow, do these women age?

Cindy Herron (3rd from left) is a 45 year old woman!  How does that happen.  Is there a cryogenic gas chamber that kept these ladies looking as hot as that first “Hold On” video in 1990?  What’s up with that?

One thing is for sure — there isn’t music like this on the radio anymore.  Keep your Lady Gaga, I’ll stick with my old En Vogue cassettes.

I might be changing my mind on that Dawn thing.

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